A.D. Police: To Protect and Serve is a 12 episode spin-off of Bubblegum Crisis. It is set a few years before the events of Bubblegum Crisis.

Plot Edit

The story is based around the lives of Sasaki Kenji and Hans Kleif, two young A.D. Police Detectives who find themselves forging a bond after being forced to work together in order to stop the rogue Boomers. Kenji is a loner who is known for his lack of teamwork. It is this attitude that causes many of his previous partners to be injured or killed.

Throughout the series Kenji, Hans, and the rest of the A.D. Police Force find themselves pitted against Liam Fletcher, the series' main antagonist and a leading figure in the Packer Syndicate. The series features different members of the police force responding to Boomer-related incidents and growing closer, not only as a unit of police officers, but as a group of friends.

Characters Edit

A.D. Police Members Edit

Episodes Edit

A.D. Police: To Protect and Serve has twelve half-hour long episodes.

  • Partner
  • Runaway
  • Bargaining
  • Promise
  • Strategy
  • Family
  • Bloodstains
  • Memory
  • Conviction
  • Plunder
  • Dishonesty Proof
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