Boomers are synthetic life forms produced by the Genom Corporation. Typically, they are called Voomers (VOodoo Organic Metal Extension Resource), and referred to as Boomers if they go wild and start killing. Some people call them Boomers whether they are out of control or not, so it is also a derogatory term.

They are developed for specific jobs, such as acting as maids, waiters, bodyguards, store mannequins, and military weapons. Some (very advanced and expensive models) have gained sentience and developed minds of their own, but most are simply machines. Boomers designed for infiltration and combat are capable of appearing human, whether male or female, but tend to "burst" out of their synthetic skin in combat situations, revealing their true selves: giant, metallic killing machines armed with built-in lasers, machine guns, and arm blades capable of cleaving through a fire hydrant.

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