Bubblegum Crash (バブルガムクラッシュ! Baburugamu Kurasshu!?) is a three-part OVA sequel to Bubblegum Crisis.


It is 2034, and the Knight Sabers seem to be finished; each of its members - except Nene - have seemingly drifted off to pursue their own goals. But at the same time, parts of a unique artificial intelligence are stolen by several villains acting under the orders of a mysterious voice.

Unexpectedly, Sylia resurfaces and prepares her teammates for battle. And as a gigantic machine drills its way to Mega Tokyo's main nuclear power plant, they meet again with an old and deadly enemy.


After the split between Artmic and Youmex, Artmic proceeded to make a sequel on their own, Bubblegum Crash, which ran three OVA episodes and is conjectured that it was a shortened version of how Crisis was to end. Youmex promptly sued Artmic, cutting Crash short and tying the entire franchise up in legal issues for the next several years.


  1. Illegal Army
  2. Geo Climbers
  3. Melt Down
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