The Knight Sabers is a mercenary team of young women. To enhance their natural abilities, they each wear a Hard Suit - each of them specialized in its equipment and performance according to the respective wearer's field combat role. They were recruited by Sylia Stingray to battle the corrupt Genom corporation that dominates their home city of Mega Tokyo and which was responsible for her father's death. In order to finance their activities, the Knight Sabers also accept paying jobs as bodyguards or mercenaries. Their main activity is fighting out-of-control Boomers, half biological/half-mechanical robots built by Genom.


Former MembersEdit

In the remake Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Sylia mentions that there were two Knight Sabers that preceded the current four member team. One of them was a martial artist and the other was a sharpshooter that used to be part of the military.


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