Knights of a Round Table is the third and final episode of Parasite Dolls. It aired on July 24, 2003.

Synopsis Edit

Five years after the previous episode, the A.D. Police and Branch are still investigating a rash of violent killings of Boomers. Kenji Sorime, the Minister of Justice and a presidential candidate, tells Takahashi he intends to destroy all Boomers as they have been the cause of society's problems. Chief Takahashi goes missing. As Michaelson and Kimball travel to search they are attacked by a helicopter.

Hundreds of bombs then detonate all over Genom City, killing thousands of people and shutting down Boomer production. Buzz is put on the news as the primary suspect behind the terror attacks as he had previously worked out a domino theory on how to exploit the city's emergency power system to trigger a chain reaction explosion.