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Leon McNichol is a dedicated A.D. Police officer with a tendency to rush in without thinking. He is a skilled powered armor pilot, one of the A.D. Police force's aces in its K-11 and K-12S powered suits. He is often partnered with fellow officer Daley Wong.

History: Edit

A.D. Police Edit

Leon also appears in the AD Police manga and anime series, where he is yet a rookie officer.

Bubblegum Crisis Edit

Leon has a crush on Priss, which she does not like since she despises the A.D. Police. As the series progresses, he discovers that she is a Knight Saber but continues to help the team as best as he can. Priss and Leon's relationship grows closer during the series, but there is only semi-cannon to suggest Priss returns his feelings.

Trivia: Edit

Leon is voiced by Toshio Furukawa in Japanese and Brad Moranz in English.

Leon has a slight resemblance to Richard Miller from Namco's Time Crisis.

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