Dr. Miriam Yoshida is a Genom employer and engineer who appears in Scoop Chase. Stuck in a middle-class job with a boss who takes credit for his feats, he decides to defeat the Knight Sabers to prove his genius.

He turns Boomers loose on Megatokyo and observes the Knight Sabers as they fight them. Gaining the Sabers performance limits from the battles, he removes four more Boomers from Genom's assembly line.

Claiming they are defective, he remodels them to defeat the Knight Sabers. He sicks them on A.D. Police Tower while he observes from inside a hovering helicopter. Daley contacts him over the radio and asks him what his demands are, but Yoshida responds he has no demands and is just destroying the building. He then asks the A.D. officer to contact the Knight Sabers for him, certain that he should be able to do at least that.

The Sabers arrive as he wishes and they engage his enhanced Boomers. He believes he has them beat, but is unaware that the Knight Sabers have just upgraded their hardsuits. To his disbelief, they destroy his Boomers. He attempts to flee in his helicopter, but his escape is cut off by Leon and a helicopter unit.