The Sex Boomer Crusher (called Hooker Boomer Crusher in dubbed) was a Boomer created by Genom. It took the form of a black cat with gold eyes but could transform into a large larva/insect-like Boomer with a powerful laser cannon. It was killed when Reiko Michaelson shoved her knife down its throat.

History Edit

One Month Ago Edit

Genom created it after Eve, a Boomer illegally modified to be a prostitute, accidentally killed their CEO. The Crusher went about killing prostitute Boomers in hopes of finding and killing the one responsible for the CEO's death.

Parasite Dolls: Dreamer Edit

The Crusher had brutally killed six prostitute Boomers and because the events were happening repeatedly, Branch was brought in to investigate. Angel uncovered the backstory behind its creation at Genom while Michaelson adopted a black cat she found, not knowing it was the Crusher. Michaelson when undercover as a prostitute and met Eve. The Crusher left Michaelson and also pursued Eve, which made Michaelson suspicious enough to give pursuit.

She saved Eve from being shot by the Crusher and left the building. After they went down the fire escape, she shot the supports that mounted it to the wall and caused it to collapse on top of the Crusher as it came down the stairs. It survived and continued pursuing Eve. Michaelson eventually lured it away from Eve and shoved her knife down its throat as it tried to shoot her, killing it.

Trivia Edit

  • The Crusher draws strong parallels to Jack the Ripper. They both killed prostitutes, but while Jack killed human women, the Crusher killed Voomers. Unlike with Jack's case, there was little outcry from the incident. The Crusher was only killing Voomers, just soulless dolls who had been illegally modified. The creators were the only ones truly frustrated since they were losing their merchandise.
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